2023 January Check-In

While the year may have just started, we have completed our first quarter of preorders! All January Book Boxes featuring Silent Lucidity and Shielded Heart from Tiffany Roberts have shipped. This box was fun to create and we hope it made you feel like you were going to the Infinite City.

We held our first Rep Search and have a team of wonderful Book Box and Merch Reps!

We successfully held our first Scratch & Dent sale for the books from our 2022 boxes. We are still shocked that they sold out in less than one minute! The Scratch & Dent Books have all shipped. We do plan to do regular Scratch & Dent sales. Quantities will always be limited as we do not purposefully purchase additional books. The best way to guarantee you get copies of the books is to subscribe or preorder.

Our February Book Box featuring Heat Haven omnibus and Charming Your Dad by Sarah Blue will be shipping in just a few short weeks. Be ready for cozy, witchy vibes with this box.

Our March Book Box featuring Titan and Blood Moon by Jillian Graves will be out before you know it!

We appreciate all of the support from everyone. Whether it's ordering a box or sharing our posts, we appreciate you! Thank you!

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