December Book Box Title Reveal

It gives me great pleasure to *finally* announce the December featured titles by the lovely and talented Opal Reyne! We are traveling back in time and venturing into the woods to become a Duskwalker Bride.

In A Soul to Keep we follow Reia as she shunned from her village and given the impossible decision to sacrafice herself to the monstrous Duskwalker. But this monster is more than meets the eye.

In book two of the Duskwalker Brides series A Soul to Heal we meet Delora a woman that just wanted to disappear. After she is thrown into the Veil for a crime she committed she's unexpectedly saved by none other than a Duskwalker.

Subscriptions sign ups and renewals along with one time buy preorders will go live October 1st and be available on a *unlimited* basis through the 7th. The boxes will ship in December.


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