February 2024 Title Reveal

What is better for February than an Omegaverse box? Nothing screams season of love like heats, knots, and perfume. And who doesn't love a man that smells like a deliciously fresh baked cupcake?


The fan favorite series Slate City Omegaverse is joining the Fated family!

Knot Your Damn Omega is the story of Esme. A stunning Omega trying to get out from underneath her twin sister's shadow while her overbearing mother tries to push her into finding her own pack. But that's hard to do when everyone wants you because you have your sister's face. That is until she gets a whiff of an unknown Alpha at a party and her whole world is turned upside down and she has to face feelings she is unsure she even believes in. 

Knot All That Glitters book two in the Slate City Omegaverse follows Petra, an omega of the city's favorite politician. Forced to be perfect for the public eye while craving a simple life. But when she gets trapped in a closet with an Alpha she craves to be bad. That is until she finds out he's her new bodyguard. And he and his pack want nothing more than her. Because not all that glitters is gold, she wants their help to break out of her cage and step down from the pedestal she never asked to be on. 

Devyn's box goes on sale December first and will be available through the 7th. Mark your calendars and make sure you are subbed to our emails and never miss a drop!

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