March Book Box Title Reveals

2024 is going to be SWEET with these featured titles.

I hope everyone is ready to expand their Sweetverse sets because we're back at it! Fighting Instincts is a story about Stellan, an Omega that wants another Omega. But as he has to move on without her he fights his way in the ring, breaking the mold as an Omega. Until a bid comes to bite him and he's rescued by an attractive Alpha and taken to his pack that is not in need of an Omega as Elise is already there. The woman that broke his heart. But this time, he refuses to let her go. 

All Packed Up is about Wendy, an Omega placed with the wrong pack that's on the run as her heat is fast approaching. She's agreed to call off betting, fighting, and of course crushing on fighters. That is until she meets Nic, who has decided to dedicate himself to his business until the runaway Omega rocks his world. What could possibly go wrong?

We are so excited to add to the Fated Romance editions of the Sweetverse world by Lana Kole and Kathryn Moon. We hope you all are too! 
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