May 2024 Book Box Title Reveal

Black Bear Clan here we come!

We are so excited to finally reveal that we will be featuring our first orcs! And what a series to do it with! Zoe Ashwood is such a kind and wonderful writer we are ecstatic to have her join the Fated Family.

Her Orc King is a wild ride of a woman who gets captured by slavers, sold at an auction to an orc, and dragged halfway across the realm. And that's not the craziest parts, one of the orcs has decided that she is his mad and refuses to let her leave his side. But as trouble brews in the remote kingdom she realizes the orcs are keeping secrets and wants to learn the truth for herself. 

Her Orc Guardian is about a woman trying to fulfill her father's dying wish to find his best friend we follow a woman as she crosses the realm only to end up in an orc camp. Because her father's best friend is one of them. So after he reads a letter from her father he takes it upon himself to being her guardian. Which is all fine and dandy until he tries to marry her off to a human stranger and the tension builds. So she decides to take her life into her own hands. 

The books will ship in the month of May


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