September Book Box Title Reveal

Let's go back to the Love Bathhouse, while we're at it how about a trip to the woods?

You've asked for it, so we're delivering. Both one night novellas will be bound in an omnibus and Entranced by the Basilisks will be getting a new discreet cover to match the rest of the Monstrous Matches family. 

A bit about the books. 

Found by the Lake Monster is about a lake monster in heat, a lost human in the woods, and the lie that gets her stuffed…
Ensnared by the Werewolf is about a heartbroken witch, a cursed werewolf, and a fated encounter under the full moon...

We all loved the best friend in Deceived by the Gargoyles now it's her turn to shine in Entranced by the Basilisks. A human who opened the wrong magical book, her stern boss, and his “friend” who says he can help…

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