August 2024 Book Box Title Reveal

Seven Brides for Seven Alien Brothers, the Complete series!

The August Book Box features Artek, Benjar, Callum, Drakkar, Endark, Frantor, and Gilmat along with a short story You've Got Alien Trouble! by Honey Phillips.

Seven alien warriors, their bond of brotherhood formed in a useless war, choose to make a new start on a backwater planet. But with a new life and new hope for the future, they realize they no longer want to be alone - and a town full of human females offers numerous possibilities. However, their method of obtaining their new brides is not your typical courtship...

Subscriptions and preorders are open June 1st-7th.

You do not want to miss these special editions with discreet covers, sprayed edges, and foil detailing. 

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